What is YOUR Purpose? 

PURPOSE Noun: the reason for which something exists  What is your purpose? What is preventing you from discovering your purpose? Leadercast Women asked this very question to the hundreds in attendance. That is a pretty lofty question to impose on someone, isn’t it? I honestly can’t articulate my purpose on this Earth in a neatly written phrase…YET. I know that we … More What is YOUR Purpose? 

My Learning- My Musing Series #3

How might we, as engineers, design a hurricane proof house? How can we simulate the experience of how hurricane force winds can cause mass destruction? All of those very questions were answered recently during the 4th grade science unit on weather. Our talented science teacher, Lauren Rose, takes students through the engineering and design process where they … More My Learning- My Musing Series #3

My Learning- My Musings Series #2

When we think of literacy in elementary school, we immediately think of traditional reading and writing skills. Our Early Learners and Pre-K students are exposed to literacy in a variety of different ways so that they have a strong foundation for language and exposure to rich opportunities to develop those language skills. Miss Connie (@MissConniesPreK) and … More My Learning- My Musings Series #2