Presentations that Make an Impact

Kristin Anderson @kristiande and Jim Knight @jimknight99 Unmistakable Impact Talk Like TED The Naked Presenter Which presentation is more effective? Steve Jobs/CEO AT&T Cingular anticipation, repetition, visual aids, speaking from the heart, clear, simple, told a story, humor, element of novelty When we look at benchmark presentations, we rarely listen to speakers as educators, because we’re learning so … More Presentations that Make an Impact

Keynote: Deep Leadership for System Change

Michael Fullan @MichaelFullan1 “We can’t do this work without realizing the difference this makes with children.” Michael Fullan   Your job is a lot deeper and comprehensive than you thought…       Deep Learning- Global Competencies 6c’s…communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, character, citizenship Compliance to Capacity Building…they are all committed, including the state!     … More Keynote: Deep Leadership for System Change

The Instructional Playbook

Ann Hoffman @annghoffman #tlc2016 From Jim Knight’s The Impact Cycle John Hattie- The Blue Book Spray, Pray and Walk Away strategies don’t work. Coaching impacts implementation in the classroom! Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance. The coaching model and instructional playbook has to be Effective and Efficient   Partner- togetherness … More The Instructional Playbook

Thanks for the Feedback

Sheila Heen @sheilaheen #tlc2016 Effective feedback is the biggest indicator of student achievement according to John Hattie. Feedback isn’t necessarily about how we GIVE it, it’s about how we RECEIVE it. -Kristin Anderson Harvard Negotiation Project Getting to Yes Difficult Conversations Thanks for the Feedback           During all of Sheila’s conversations, the … More Thanks for the Feedback


Jim Knight @jimknight99 #itstartswithus Partnering for Impact: Realizing Our Best Potential Moving forward, we need to be thinking about unity…not division. How do we come together when there’s so much disharmony? We are not at our best when we are separated from one another. Fear this is what divides us and leads to anger, control, justification, … More #ItStartsWithUs

Better Conversations #tlc2016

Ann Hoffman @annghoffman Jim Knight-A wonderful conversation happens with practice, knowing who you are, creating habits. Communication is central to everything we do. Too often, conversations are destructive and you can control that. Think of a time you engaged in a rich, meaningful conversation…where you walked away feeling inspire, engaged, or connected. Qualities? leaned in, … More Better Conversations #tlc2016

Teaching, Learning, Coaching: TLC in the “Big D”

2016 teaching, learning, coaching CONFERENCE #tlc2016 featuring keynotes from Jim Knight, Sheila Heen, Doug Fisher, Michael Fullan       Kristin Anderson Welcome Theme: Partnering for Impact: Reaching our Best Potential #itstartswithus Kristin introduced the hashtag #itstartswithus by talking about all of the good in this world, even when there are people who only focus … More Teaching, Learning, Coaching: TLC in the “Big D”