What is Your BOLD Statement?- Ginger Hardage

Ginger Hardage, retired Senior Vice President of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines, asked those of us at Leadercast Live, “what is your bold statement”? Any purpose driven organization should have a bold statement that reflects and articulates it’s mission succinctly.

At Trinity School, we continually circle back to our mission. What does it say about our community? Is our mission “visible” when you enter the building? Can our faculty connect with our bold statement and is there evidence of those words/values in their classroom? When you’re a purpose driven organization, threads of your mission should weave itself in everything that you do.

Over the years, our teachers have made some bold statements about what we value, and they’ve become part of our talking points with parents, students, and colleagues. We have developed a belief system at Trinity that guides and drives our teaching and learning so that our students develop a solid foundation throughout their elementary years.

  1. Build Academic Foundation for School and Life
  2. Deepen Educational Experiences
  3. Cherish Childhood
  4. Develop Character Foundation
  5. Empower Students in their Learning
  6. Foster Curiosity, Creativity, and Confidence

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 1.59.08 PM

Ginger continued to share her experience in leadership around 4 key ideas.

  • Put People First– A company’s true character is going to be revealed by it’s people. Hire tough, so you can manage easy. Hire for attitude! Keep your people happy!
  • Infuse Purpose Into Your Culture- Your purpose and your bold statement should determine how you act! Put it into action!
  • Let Purpose be Your Compass- do what’s right…if you ever see your organization teetering, steer back on track and calibrate your values.
  • Activate Purpose Within your People- How do you help others find their purpose? Are you able to lead so that your organization has purpose and value at the individual level? Help your employees find their “WHY” by asking them this question: How do you describe your work @ _________________?  (a. Job   b. Stepping Stone   c. Calling)


At Trinity, we BOLDLY develop academic and character foundation in our students while cherishing the joy of childhood. We empower our students in ways that deepen their understanding so that they remain curious about the world around them and can confidently lead, learn, and grow.


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