Coretta Scott King: A Woman of Purpose

I’ve been thinking about this blog post since October. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll see that each month I’ve tried to reflect on the inspirational women that spoke at Leadercast Women. This one, in particular, has resonated with me deeply over the past few months. I’ve been eager to share my thoughts.

Dr. Bernice King, CEO of the King Center in Atlanta, rallied a group of talented, determined, passionate women with this mantra…

“Repeat after me:

I am a woman of purpose. 

I was born to be a solution to a problem.”


“Ladies, it’s time to get in the game! No more sitting on the sideline! Use your talents, know why you’re here! DON’T WAIT!”

This is exactly what Coretta Scott King did following the tragic death of her husband, Martin Luther King Jr. If Coretta Scott King didn’t know her purpose and take action, MLK wouldn’t be the legend that he is today. When he was assassinated, he was one of the most hated men in America. Today, he is one of the most loved men in the world.

Immediately following his death, Coretta Scott King went into action in order to continue his purpose and mission that he was fighting for in America. With 4 small children, Coretta knew that HER moment had come. She was responsible for institutionalizing his work and his name. Even in the midst of grief, and turmoil, she was ready when that moment came.

“Know who you are. People are depending on you. Be on Assignment”

Bernice continued to tell the story of her mother; how she remained faithful, purposeful, and put others first.

I often think about the legacies that have been left from people. Dr. Martin Luther King was a disruptor who stood for what was right and just. His words, his actions, and his determination have shaped the America that we know today. But we mustn’t forget his faithful wife who continued his work, raised his children so that they could continue the good work as well.



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