Service Learning at Trinity School

Service learning at Trinity is about Connections By Marsha Harris, Director of Curriculum On a typical day, during a typical year, the hallways of Trinity School are lined with boxes of warm mittens, cozy pajamas, non-perishable food items, shoes, books, stuffed animals, and cardboard arcade games. You see posters in the hallways designed by students … More Service Learning at Trinity School

Mentor Sentences: Teaching Grammar, Mechanics, and Craft

noun: a trusted counselor or guide. For several years, teachers at Trinity School have continued to engage in conversation around an integrated approach to grammar instruction. We probably remember the traditional methods of direct instruction using various worksheets that might involve filling in blanks, finding mistakes, diagramming sentences, circling the correct answer, and then moving … More Mentor Sentences: Teaching Grammar, Mechanics, and Craft

Your Child Is Known: The Importance of “My Learning”

Flourish Article Fall 2017 My baby book sits in an old cardboard box in my basement. Occasionally I will pull it out, pages yellowed and perfectly square photos slipping out from the once tacky pages. Memories of my childhood will flood my thoughts, of people who are no longer with us and of special times … More Your Child Is Known: The Importance of “My Learning”

What is YOUR Purpose? 

PURPOSE Noun: the reason for which something exists  What is your purpose? What is preventing you from discovering your purpose? Leadercast Women asked this very question to the hundreds in attendance. That is a pretty lofty question to impose on someone, isn’t it? I honestly can’t articulate my purpose on this Earth in a neatly written phrase…YET. I know that we … More What is YOUR Purpose?