Unpacking for Formative Assessment and Intentional Planning

Day 2- Invitation to Notice More/Mini-Lesson When we expose students to well-written sentences rather than examples ridden with errors, they take the opportunity to notice all of the parts of speech, punctuation, and craft within. The invitation process welcomes students to think differently about a text while taking the time to notice, share, and listen … More Unpacking for Formative Assessment and Intentional Planning

Mentor Sentences: Teaching Grammar, Mechanics, and Craft

noun: a trusted counselor or guide. For several years, teachers at Trinity School have continued to engage in conversation around an integrated approach to grammar instruction. We probably remember the traditional methods of direct instruction using various worksheets that might involve filling in blanks, finding mistakes, diagramming sentences, circling the correct answer, and then moving … More Mentor Sentences: Teaching Grammar, Mechanics, and Craft

Mentor Sentences- Day 3

Invitation to Revise Focus Lesson: Figurative Language-Simile Good writers use all kinds of craft when they write so that it’s interesting to the reader. This mentor sentence has a beautiful example of figurative language.  Figurative language can be tricky, but it makes writing so beautiful! When we speak, we use different expressions to explain ourselves, … More Mentor Sentences- Day 3

Teaching Grammar with Mentor Sentences

  We’ve been grappling with the best way to teach grammar for some time now. Traditional methods with workbooks, worksheets and skill and drill, have become mundane. This year, my colleague Mary Jacob (@3rdGradeHarris) has revised her grammar instruction and is using Mentor Sentences to teach. Ideas By Jivey (@ideasbyjivey) has a great resource available on … More Teaching Grammar with Mentor Sentences