Powered By Purpose- Molly Fletcher

“We live in a world where we’re putting energy into worrying about our time. But we need to spend our time, worrying about our energy.”- Molly Fletcher 


Molly Fletcher, entrepreneur, mother, sports agent, and trailblazer for women launched the conference with asking us some questions..

What drives us and keeps us on our path? How can our purpose be our anchor in all that we do so that we leave this Earth making an impact?

She has an algorithm for all of it.



  1. Stay Curious- let purpose find me
  2. Show Service, Passion, and Love to those around you- it’s bigger than I think
  3. Create Impact- what do I want people to remember about me?

Lead, connect, and inspire others with optimism. That will guide you to YOUR purpose!

Click here to read my initial post about Leadercast Women, and be sure to follow my upcoming posts about more inspirational women from the conference.

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