My Learning- My Musing Series #4

Celebrating your week and celebrating your work! This 1st grader made his BEST NEWS BOOK EVER!!! 

Notice how the teacher helped the student become self-aware as he prepared for writing and then encouraged him to put those structures and practices in place every time he writes. He was aware of his success and was self-aware in the structures and habits that worked for him!

Evernote Snapshot 20170324 114815.jpg

As I think of our pillars again, this is what I notice…

  • Build Academic Foundation (continue to grow in volume and stamina as writers)
  • Build Character Foundation (how to write a friendly letter expressing his joy in learning)
  • Deepen Understanding (reflecting on our week and thinking about how we felt during that experience)
  • Empower Learners (empowered the child to take charge of his own space and have a plan)
  • Cherish Childhood (celebrate the success, give compliments and high fives!)
  • Foster Creativity and Curiosity (provide opportunities for children to express themselves)

How do you celebrate student success at your school and bring self-awareness to your students? How do your students know when they’re being successful so that they continue to grow in their learning?  What do you notice that would add to “My Learning”?

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