Player or Coach? Or Player/Coach?

Are you a player, or are you a coach?

Do you want to be a coach and a player?

coach-bill-russellWhat would happen to the team’s chemistry? On the 1st day of practice…he needed to establish his authority. Find my shoes….
U of Montanna, 1973 Bill Russell basketball. Boston Celtics for 13 seasons, 11 NBA championshipsWon 2 NBA championships as a player/coach…he could coach, because he knew how to play and he was their teammate! A true player coach doesn’t just talk, but plays a good game too!


In order to be a Player/Coach, Jeff Meyers suggests that you need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Pick your team…which team are you on? Team Trinity? 3rd Grade Team? UED Team?
  2. You must know the game plan! What are the school’s/team’s goals?
  3. You must be ready to be a coach! You must know and share your talents and know how to lead!
  4. You must be ready to be a player! You must know how to play a good game. How readily do you step into action and get your hands dirty?

Jeff Meyers- RPC




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