My Learning- My Musing Series #3

How might we, as engineers, design a hurricane proof house? How can we simulate the experience of how hurricane force winds can cause mass destruction?

All of those very questions were answered recently during the 4th grade science unit on weather. Our talented science teacher, Lauren Rose, takes students through the engineering and design process where they ultimately design a hurricane proof house. After several prototypes and iterations, Lauren emerges with her leaf blower and bombards the homes with hurricane force winds to determine which homes can sustain the weather!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 1.52.35 PM.png

This was a piece in a 4th graders My Learning portfolio with evidence of their learning and a reflection to conclude.


As I think of our pillars again, this is what I notice…

  • Build Academic Foundation (gain understanding of weather and it’s impact)
  • Build Character Foundation (develop cooperative groups to complete a task)
  • Deepen Understanding (make connections through design and experiences)
  • Empower Learners (create a space for children to succeed and fail)
  • Cherish Childhood (develop experiences that children can enjoy and relate to)
  • Foster Creativity and Curiosity (provide opportunities for children to express themselves and create something new)

What does STEAM look like at your school? What are you doing to expose your students to deep learning and engaging experiences? What do you notice that would add to “My Learning”?

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