My Learning- My Musings Series #2

When we think of literacy in elementary school, we immediately think of traditional reading and writing skills. Our Early Learners and Pre-K students are exposed to literacy in a variety of different ways so that they have a strong foundation for language and exposure to rich opportunities to develop those language skills.

Miss Connie (@MissConniesPreK) and her team spend several weeks learning and practicing nursery rhymes in Pre-K. The exposure to rhyme, rhythm, sequencing of events, choral reading, comprehension, expression, and performing begin to set the foundation for literacy during these early years.

Here is one example of how her children demonstrate their understanding of Little Miss Muffet. This video was posted in a child’s portfolio. I’d bet that they will remember this experience of “putting on a play” about Little Miss Muffet!

As I think of our pillars again, this is what I notice…

  • Build Academic Foundation (gain understanding of rhyme and language)
  • Build Character Foundation (develop cooperative groups to complete a task)
  • Deepen Understanding (make connections with art, movement, and play)
  • Empower Learners (create a space for children to take risks)
  • Cherish Childhood (incorporate play and joy in learning through developmentally appropriate activities)
  • Foster Creativity and Curiosity (provide opportunities for children to express themselves and create something new)

What does early literacy development look like at your school? What are you doing to expose your students to rich language and engaging experiences? What do you notice that would add to “My Learning”?

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