Presentations that Make an Impact

Kristin Anderson @kristiande and Jim Knight @jimknight99


Unmistakable Impact

Talk Like TED

The Naked Presenter

Which presentation is more effective? Steve Jobs/CEO AT&T Cingular

  • anticipation, repetition, visual aids, speaking from the heart, clear, simple, told a story, humor, element of novelty

When we look at benchmark presentations, we rarely listen to speakers as educators, because we’re learning so much content. Content and Presenter learning….

Core Beliefs

  • every presenter has the potential to be great
    • everyone can be coached to speak
  • every presentation is high stakes
    • every time you’ve been given the gift of being with people, it is an opportunity to influence the life of someone else!!!!
  • every audience deserves the very best
    • content, delivery, content, presence

Live your lives according to radical honesty…truth. Principles and beliefs are really important because they help guide your behavior and govern how we relate with others when we present. We are partners.

Presenter Partnerships

  • Equality- we count/matter the SAME
  • Choice- the other person has choice
  • Voice- make sure the other people have a chance to talk
  • Dialogue- has to happen at the table, chance to think together
  • Reflection- opportunity to think about what has happened
  • Praxis- real life application of the learning
  • Reciprocity- go in to the conversation as learners, rather than judgers


Research– approach in partnership learning and traditional learning. There was a huge difference…knowledge, implementation, engagement, evaluation

Visual Design

  • step away from power point
  • cut the cheese
    • horrible clip art…STOP
  • guide the audience’s eyes intentionally
    • what do you want the audience to look at?
  • allow for white space
    • where can you add your design
  • ask “How else can I say this?”
    • does a photo say this? video, graphic organizer?
    • you build your creativity and presentation and then you dump it into Power Point

Simplified Design Process


Garr Reynolds-Presentation Zen

Nancy Duarte






How do we prepare for our presentations?

IMG_0678.JPGPlan in ANALOG- I love this idea. While this isn’t always how people think, I like to plan anything I do this way. With post-it notes, index cards, storyboarding, and even scratching out my ideas on my dry erase wall. When you plan in analog, you can step back and see the entire presentation and then put it in pixels with those simple, clear, beautiful images that represent what is essential to HEAR!

Designing Slides– they should be like a billboard and have no more words than a billboard. Too many words distract the learner…one picture, one word, large font, 1/3 and 2/3

Activities in PresentationsTim Brown 2008  demonstrates how to bring play and creativity into a presentation. It’s important to create an experience for the learners and engage our brains…

Integrate Activities– there should be a shift every 15 minutes, as long as it’s related to the learning. Anything embarrassing can shut the learning down. Cooperative Learning, Reflection Learning, Thinking Prompts (change your words, change your world- Purple Feather) show the video and STOP it before you see the message…what do you think it says?

End With Stories- a powerful vehicle to convey your message. Jacqueline Novogratz tells the stories about the level of connectedness on this earth. This resonates with me after reading Weekend Language and knowing that the root of communication is telling stories, to share ideas, inform, and bring meaning to those around you.


Come up with a Playlist…joy, anticipation, excitement…the music is telling you that this will be AMAZING! Before, during, after. Music brings positivity and confidence for the learner…and possibly the presenter!!!




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