Keynote: Deep Leadership for System Change

Michael Fullan @MichaelFullan1

IMG_0661.JPG“We can’t do this work without realizing the difference this makes with children.” Michael Fullan


Your job is a lot deeper and comprehensive than you thought…




Deep Learning- Global Competencies


  • 6c’s…communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, character, citizenship

Compliance to Capacity Building…they are all committed, including the state!




Humans are innately

  • wired to connect- babies at 10 minutes old are able to connect with parents
  • create- find your passion and work really hard, connection to application and life
  • help humanity- we are wired to help others in need

Direct Feedback and Autonomy- the receiver has the ability to take it or not

Collective Efficacy leads to the most impact for student learning. We must create collaborative professionalism, iter school, intra school, inter district. We must EXPLOIT policies that are not moving schools forward.

Coherence…the shared depth of understanding about the nature of the work. You can’t get it through PD…the change needs to happen in between the PD and the classroom! You can articulate your goals, strategies.

New Pedagogies for Deep Change…FullSizeRender-7.jpg

A system of shaping and reshaping ideas as you change capacity and ownership.

It’s Getting Worse…the enthusiasm for student learning dramatically reduces at 3rd grade. Kids are getting bored…there is a thirst for DEEP Learning.

Exciting New Learning

  • Irresistibly engaging
  • Efficient
  • Technologically ubiquitous
  • Steeped in real life problem solving
  • Involves deep learning

The Enigma Mission

Australia Passion Project, Deep Learning and Research of a topic, Wooranna Park Primary School, thinkers, change makers, dreamers, choice, automony

Pedagogical Power of Deep Learning


Simcoe County School Board

Partnership of students, parents, teachers, wider community…

If we only have students for so many minutes in a day, why would we spend time telling them things that they can research and learn on their own?

When students can articulate what they want and how they want to learn, you MUST give that to them!!! Love this!

Deep Learning is good for all but especially for those traditionally underserved.

  • connects all to their real life
  • especially congruent with native values
  • builds relationships of trust with students
  • culture of high expectations
  • increases efficacy and optimism
  • provides support systems

We love SIMPLEXITY…taking something complex and making it simple-Michael Fullan

Breakthrough Leadership

  • Respect and reject the status quo
  • Be an Expert and an Apprentice
  • Experiment and Commit

New Leadership for Deep Learning


Legacy Pedagogy and Legacy Culture: You will die in Deep Learning if….

  • if you haven’t experienced deep learning, it won’t work
  • you’re unwilling to imagine traditional school
  • don’t respect your students
  • no choice
  • don’t live by “less is more”
  • aren’t willing to admit you don’t know
  • if you don’t embrace failure
  • if you don’t help students belong
  • not willing to set the world askew…in a good way
  • you don’t realize that deep learning is a countercultural enterprise

Ramo- Seventh Sense, 2016- Social Networks weaken heirarchies and form new patterns of distributions of power…connect the new power to create new patterns of breakthroughs. The young are most connected and least committed to the status quo. The above conditions cause learners to outrun leaders and researchers. Leadership is to help learners run better.

The job of education is to produce better citizens for tomorrow, today.

Humans, especially the young, find helping humanity to be an intrinsic value.

Leadership from the middle…strengthen the middle to liberate the bottom!

Big Idea #1…students as change agents in pedagogy, organization, and society.




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