Teaching, Learning, Coaching: TLC in the “Big D”

IMG_0585.JPG2016 teaching, learning, coaching CONFERENCE #tlc2016

featuring keynotes from

Jim Knight, Sheila Heen, Doug Fisher, Michael Fullan




Kristin Anderson Welcome

Theme: Partnering for Impact: Reaching our Best Potential #itstartswithus

Kristin introduced the hashtag #itstartswithus by talking about all of the good in this world, even when there are people who only focus on the bad and criticize the state of education and the school systems. However, when  looking around, there are plenty of people trying to come together for the better good of our children and our schools. I am VERY excited to learn and lead with this fantastic group of educators.


What is it that brought you here? How is this going to start with me (us)?

  • continually learn and grow as a leader
  • bring back skills that help me interact with others in a way that promotes change and moves our school initiatives forward
  • help those around me become teacher leaders to that we have a school full of people that others strive to be


Doug Fisher Keynote

Visible Learning for Literacy

Commitment to Brain Based Learning- Learning from this experience

We spend a lot of time talking about students and their struggle…it is only part of the situation that we create.

If you’ve ever struggled through something…it feels amazing after you GET it!!!!

When  you’re a NOVICE…Reading increasingly difficult texts with support and differentiation for learners


  • you can’t independently learn from books you cannot read (but you can learn)
  • reading widely builds background and vocabulary
  • interacting with others helps build clarity

******LEARNING is a social endeavor******

Every student deserves a great teacher, not by chance, but by design.

How do you design EXPERIENCES for kids that causes them to want more????

Moving schools, retention, ability grouping has the biggest negative impact on student achievement

Small group learning, study skills, repeated reading, classroom discussions, teacher clarity and collective teacher efficacy has the biggest positive impact on student achievement!

CLARITY– teachers need to know what students need to learn, communicate this with students, do students and teachers understand success criteria

What are you LEARNING today rather than, what are you doing?…its about the learning, not the doing.

Why are you learning this? We need to make sure that we tell kids WHY they are learning this so that they know why it’s important and they will have a better understanding of their learning

What am I learning today?

Why am I learning this?

How will I know that I have learned it?

How do we revive teacher clarity, so that students and teachers understand success criteria ?

How can we make learning visible for our students? Can we provide a pathway for learning for them? Can they self-assess their own work based on visible evidence and criteria? What are my growth opportunities and how am I going to get there?

Surface learning is ok…it’s important for them to have this information. Reading volume matters! Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent.

How do we get our students to read enough so that they make significant gains?

  • make time for kids to read in school
  • BRAG about books in your classroom…bless the books, explain why they are SO amazing. This book is worth it!!!
  • Have students bless the book with names of students who would like that particular book.

You have to have surface knowledge to begin to have DEEP learning…ways to facilitate DEEP learning.

  • concept mapping
  • class discussions
  • questioning
  • metacognitive strategies
  • reciprocal teaching

Discussion Roundtable- holding students individually accountable with their work.


Schools are filled with grownups who were good boys and girls…teacher pleasers became teachers.

Ways to facilitate TRANSFER

  • reading across documents to conceptually organize
  • formal discussions, debates, seminars
  • problem solving teaching
  • extended writing
  • peer tutoring

The right approach, at the right time, for the right type of learning.

Thank you Doug Fisher for an inspirational Keynote with ideas that we can take back to our schools!

Sketchnotes from @jgough

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