Jim Knight @jimknight99 #itstartswithus

IMG_0606.JPGPartnering for Impact: Realizing Our Best Potential

Moving forward, we need to be thinking about unity…not division. How do we come together when there’s so much disharmony? We are not at our best when we are separated from one another.


  • this is what divides us and leads to anger, control, justification, shame

Nothing else we talk about today will work unless we confront and overcome our fears.

Our world gets better when we shed our fear, welcome all, and make steps to become an undivided culture.


  • assume people are doing their best

Does it ever occur to you that people are doing the best they can with what they’ve got, given where they are?


  • towards ourselves, affective, cognitive

When you think of others perspectives, you might realize that you could be part of the problem. Looking at the world through other peoples eyes. What does this person need and feel?


  • Public vs Private voice…when you REALLY listen, you can hear the private voice.

Are you curious? Do you CARE? Identify something you can do to improve the way you listen.

Courage- to stop toxic conversations…

Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter- MLK

  • Some responsive turns in taking courage:
    • interrupt
    • name
    • correct
    • divert

Find Common Ground- we are more alike than different- Maya Angelou

  • interests
  • convictions
  • activities
  • roles and responsibilities
  • experiences


What are you going to do with the time you have left? How are you going to make your contributions? Have you found your best potential?

How are you making change?

Don’t WAIT!!!


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