Teaching Grammar with Mentor Sentences


We’ve been grappling with the best way to teach grammar for some time now. Traditional methods with workbooks, worksheets and skill and drill, have become mundane. This year, my colleague Mary Jacob (@3rdGradeHarris) has revised her grammar instruction and is using Mentor Sentences to teach.

Ideas By Jivey (@ideasbyjivey) has a great resource available on Mentor Sentences to teach grammar. We’re planning on implementing this in 3rd grade for the second part of the year. Jivey explains step-by-step how to introduce this to your classroom and make it part of your daily routine.

I’m excited to spend time in the classroom to observe and participate. I’m sure that this will help motivate our learners and create more meaningful opportunities to explore language and grammar!

Invitation to Notice

Day 1- Introduce the sentence…what do you notice?


Then she took a deep breath and slammed the book shut so hard, it sounded like a gunshot. ~The Junkyard Wonders

-punctuation (, and .)

-declarative sentence

-**past tense verbs** (took, slammed, sounded) how do you know that it already happened? 2 of the words have -ed


– figurative language- simile, descriptive language (it sounded like a gunshot)

-show, don’t tell (vivid verbs)


Record this in your notebook! Make sure you write down what you noticed today!

Day 2…coming tomorrow!

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