Marsha Harris: Trinity’s New Director of Curriculum

Marsha Harris has been tasked with an important role on behalf of the Trinity community.  As the newly appointed Director of Curriculum, Marsha is charged with aligning curriculum within as well as across grade levels from the three-year-olds through Sixth Grade.  It is a multi-faceted job with many nuanced initiatives that must be carefully balanced and considered.

“I am honored to serve as Trinity’s Director of Curriculum, says Marsha.  “In my new role, my main responsibility is to oversee, review, and modify our current curriculum, while enhancing horizontal and vertical curricular alignment. My goal is to ensure that our academic program supports the School’s pedagogical approach and vision in preparing students for success in the Information Age.”

For more than fifty years, Trinity has offered a dynamic elementary educational experience that has prepared students for high school, college, and beyond.  A huge part of that success is due to the School’s dedicated and talented faculty.  As we find ourselves well into the 21st Century, it is Marsha’s job help move the School’s academic program forward, and create an environment in which teachers have the autonomy to teach concepts in a variety of ways, while still ensuring that all students are mastering the same core skills and principals.  “Our teachers bring many talents and gifts to the classroom,” comments Marsha. “We embrace the uniqueness of each individual educator and empower them to share their practices and passions with our community. Students and teachers are encouraged to try new things and take risks. We are given permission to fail, and try again so that our work is better!”

The Director of Curriculum position is a new addition to Trinity’s academic leadership structure.  The role was added to ensure that the School’s academic program and pedagogical approach complement and support one another, and provide faculty with support as they develop lessons plans and innovative teaching strategies each year.

“Our unique curriculum is designed by teachers and administrators for our students so that they have a variety of opportunities to experience relevant, meaningful content through various instructional methods, designed to reach all different types of learners,” explains Marsha. “Teachers and administrators are continually analyzing our program and materials to ensure that our students are developing the necessary Information Age Skills that are essential in our mission and vision for teaching and learning.  Over the next few years, I hope to help establish common language with reading, math, and assessment through vertical curricular alignment.  We will continue to research and pilot the best programmatic tools and practices for teaching, learning, and assessment so that we can personalize learning for our students, and hone key skills like collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.”

From 2008 through the spring of 2014, Marsha served as an instructional technology specialist at Trinity.  That experience helped make Marsha uniquely qualified for this new position.  As an instructional technology specialist, Marsha not only worked with students of all ages, but she also worked closely with fellow faculty members, helping them bring technology into the classrooms in meaningful ways and shape lessons that emphasize information age skills.

Marsha is passionate about elementary education, and has worked with this age group for more than 15 years.  “I love teaching elementary-age children.  Their innate sense of curiosity and the ability to find joy in their day is inspiring. They light up when they discover something new. It is a special thing to watch young learners.  The transformation from an inquisitive three-year-old to a confident yet still eager Sixth Grader seems to happen in the blink of an eye. As elementary school educators, we have a unique opportunity to listen, watch, play with, and learn from our young students.  It is a true gift.”

At the core of her role is one guiding goal – to deepen and personalize learning for every Trinity child. “Our students leave with exposure to many different things from rich experiences with the arts and exploring the outdoors to leadership opportunities and self-directed learning.  But most importantly, Trinity graduates have a deep understanding of who they are as learners.  I am proud to play a role in that discovery.”

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